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JVWebPartners Membership

Two hosting packages (lots of space, email accounts, cPanel)
Domain Purchases for one year
Professional & Custom Themes
Professional Extensions
WordPress Platform installed for you
Setups done (DNS connections, email accounts, installs, more)
Live help... Mon-Fri 9am to 5pm PST
25% Discount on other services like SEO, Social Media Marketing
Member Privileges (lots more to come!)
Everything you'll need, then some! You'll get a TON of VALUE... all prices here are in Canadian but if you're in the US, you can switch currency in the left column and the purchase price will switch to USD.
We've included two hosting packages that come with plenty of bandwidth and space. If you don't already own a domain, we'll purchase it on your behalf and set things up right away for you. (A $40 per month value.. FREE)
Each hosting package also comes with ten email accounts. You'll have full access to the control panel (cPanel) and if you need our help, just call.
We highly recommend using WORDPRESS for your hosting but if you choose to use another platform like Joomla or Drupal, it's all there for you.
If you haven't already purchased your two domains, we'll buy them for you! (A $50 one time membership value.. FREE)
We've included an SSL certificate for both hosting packages as well! ($10 to $50 per year value.. FREE)
With WORDPRESS, you'll have access to a ton of free plugins. We can also set you up with professional templates. Our preferred WORDPRESS company is OceanWP.  They have a ton of amazing extensions and a huge demo selection. You can always install their theme (because it's very easy to work with) and then modify your site as little or as much as you want.
(The premium version is $50 per year.. FREE)
Have you heard of the Elementor plugin? It's the world's leading WordPress Website Builder and ABSOLUTELY amazing! You'll get the Elementor PRO version installed when you use Wordpress ($60 per year value.. FREE)
You can also set up WOO-ECOMMERCE and turn your website into a fully operational E-commerce site.
The best part of the membership is that we're here to help. At his point, the live help is between 9am to 5pm PST - MON-FRI. As we grow, we'll bring in more people so we can help you 24/7.